transportation management & consultants ltd.

Employee training:

As a consultant and management company, we have for many years, reviewed and supplied various programs specifically designed for our partners/customers needs and requirements. This has allowed us to recognize training programs required, and needed, to maintain individual accounts. This dedication and commitment by our staff and knowledge of each of our partners needs is what puts T.M.C./Muirhead Trucking above the rest.

Staff training programs include but are not limited to specific training of our partner/customer commodities and lanes. Each representative training falls within the guidelines below.

• Understanding both materials produced, finished goods and all general commodities of our customers and partners.

• Logistical means of transporting goods and comparison of fleet structure for means of transporting clients goods at price competitive rates.

• Development of dedicated contract carriers to provide service in customer based lanes to meet the clients needs.

• Structure of professional business relationships.

• Design of customized programs for imported and exported goods.

• Dedication to clients by carrier and/or warehouse assignments so as to ensure quality and on time service.

• Use of various methods of transportation and/or cartage to maintain high efficiency and service standards.

• Update and reviews of logistical programs and schedules per lane.

• Real time follow-ups on all shipments and tracking of performance on a per shipment basis.

• Customer service training for each individual account or partner, as well as knowledge and requirements of our customers customer.

  • Through experience and knowledge we know that with these training standards to all T.M.C./Muirhead Customer Service Agents, that we are able to handle any task that is requested.