transportation management & consultants ltd.

Company biography:


Established in 1946 as a packing company for peaches, we soon realized the need for a company owned fleet for distribution up and down the west coast of California.

In the later part of the 1960’s sold the packing plant and moved to Dallas, TX in 1970 and opened a Dry Van & Bobtail division for Tappan appliances. At the time, handled the warehousing and department store routing, household good deliveries and set up for the majority of the appliances made. Even after their purchase by Frigidaire, was able to maintain service until 2002 at which point Frigidaire established their own fleet.

in 1986, by the request of our California associates and packers from 50’s and 60’s, re-established the produce division in Texas. At the time we were already operating a Ice Manufacturing plant and delivering Ice within a tri- county region. We then reopened the refrigerated transport division and since then have been contracted with such companies as Ramsey-Sias, Yoplait, Nestles, Dannon and Hagen Daaz. Commodities included IQF fruit, Ice cream, flavoring and fresh fruit.